invisiblecrayon (invisiblecrayon) wrote in imovie,

hd on my full screen tv...

Hey, by no means am I new to imovie, I've actually been using it for a long while, but I've only ever really worked in full screen videos that I've made, and just recently I've begun toying and playing with HD/wide screen things, to which my questions come from...

So I piece together something and go to watch it on my computer and all is fine, the top and bottom gets boxed off (because my monitor isn't wide screen) but on my television (which also isn't wide screen) the sides of my video get cropped off... now I want to keep making stuff in wide screen HD video for future purposes, but any idea what I can do to make the videos I do not get cropped on my full screen television, but rather get the black letterbox like boxes on top and bottom of my videos when played on full screen televisions?

(I'm sorry if my question seems silly)

thanks, Jim
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