May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor (jediknightmuse) wrote in imovie,
May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor

Footage sort of question

I have a question about importing footage in to iMovie if it's not coming from a video camera. My mother has a video on her (regular) camera that she wants me to use in a video...whenever I plug the USB cable of my camera in to the computer, usually only the pictures are uploaded in to iPhoto, and none of the videos I've taken on my camera show up on to my computer, which is a Mac, but they do if I'm on my laptop, which is Windows. So basically, I need to figure out how to get that video file in to iMovie. I think I've tried importing a file like that in to iMovie before and it hasn't worked, but maybe I'm doing something wrong. Any ideas on how to do this?
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When you go to the iPhoto folder, the videos should be in the "originals" folder. You can then import the videos into iMovie. If it doesn't allow you to import the video, you may have to convert the file.
So then photos, and then...where do you go from there to get to the "originals" folder? Cause I don't have that in the file for photos...there's the iphoto library folder, and then there's the years and albums...

Here's another question. If I were to save the file on to my flashdrive and put it on to my Mac, how would I import it in to iMovie if it's on my desktop? It would have to be a .wav file, right, and import it? Is there a way to just drag the file in to iMovie? Cause I know that when I was ripping footage from DVDs to make fan videos, I would rip the footage and then just drag the footage file in to iMovie and it would open up and let me edit it.
Originals is a folder on your hard drive, not within iPhoto. It should be in your iPhoto Library folder (under ~/Photos/ if I'm not mistaken; it's been years since I used the default library).

However, mine always show up in iPhoto itself, too. Try searching for "Movie" in iPhoto's search box; it works fine for me. Oddly, the search within the photos panel in iMovie won't find them all if I search for "movie", but will show them if I use a title search.

Aaah, okay. Well, now I'm having a different problem.

I'm trying to get a MPEG file in to iMovie, and it won't my friend said I needed to convert it, and he told me to download a program to convert it and I did but it didn't work. And he said that he could get it without converting it when I sent him the file, so it was an issue of my iMovie not being updated...but the updates cost money. So he's going to try something on his end...but do you have any idea how I can get it to work if it doesn't work on his end? I need to be able to get the file in to iMovie so that I can edit it.
Ah, you might be in trouble then.

I think support for non-DV video is a fairly recent addition to iMovie and requires iMovie HD.

If you can find something that will convert to DV format (maybe Quicktime Pro? or some ugly hack using a DV camcorder with analog inputs) that might work.